How To Transfer Data From GBWhatsApp To WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp applications are the same, but some of their features differ. Different companies created them, so you cannot directly transfer data from GB WhatsApp, and these applications cannot be directly compatible. In GB WhatsApp, there are no options where you can transfer your data to WhatsApp, so how to solve this problem, you can use a third-party tool to extract and backup your data from GB WhatsApp. Then you can import it into your original WhatsApp application. 

Use a backup tool such as WhatsApp backup and restore. First, to create a backup of your GB WhatsApp, this tool will allow you to save your media content like chats, photos, videos, and document files on your device, and then you can easily import these files on your device. 

Here are the given steps. 

First, create a backup of your files in GB WhatsApp, click on the settings, find the backup option, click on it, and create a backup of your files. 

After creating a backup, delete the GB WhatsApp. 

Install the official application of WhatsApp from its website, Google Play Store, or App play store. 

Click on the install button and launch WhatsApp when you are installed for the first time. 

After opening the Whatsapp application, you will be prompted to restore a backup. Tap on “Restore.” 

After installing WhatsApp, select the backup file you created from GB WhatsApp and follow the prompt box to restore. Prompt will import your chats and media files from GB WhatsApp to WhatsApp. 

Note:  Keep in mind that this process may not transfer all of your data and features from GB WhatsApp to WhatsApp because these two applications are incompatible.

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