How to invite members into a community on GB WhatsApp

At GBWhatsApp, we know how important it is to build a strong community on our platform. Not only does it enhance the user experience, but it also fosters a sense of belonging and engagement among our users. In this article, we will guide you through the process of inviting members to your community on GBWhatsApp.

Step 1: Create a Group on GBWhatsApp
The first step in building your community on GBWhatsApp is to create a group. To do this, open the GBWhatsApp app and click on the “New Group” button. Choose the participants you want to add to your group and give it a name. You can also add a group profile picture to make it more visually appealing.

Step 2: Invite Members to Your Group
Once you have created your group, the next step is to invite members to join it. To do this, go to the group chat and click on the group name at the top of the screen. Next, click on “Invite to Group via Link” and share the link with your desired members. You can also invite members by clicking on “Invite to Group via SMS” and sending them an SMS invitation.

Step 3: Manage Your Group
Now that you have invited members to your group, it’s important to manage it effectively. As the group admin, you have the power to add or remove members, change the group settings, and even assign roles to members. You can do all of this by clicking on the group name at the top of the screen and selecting “Group Settings.”

Step 4: Engage Your Community
Building a strong community on GBWhatsApp is not just about adding members to your group. It’s also about engaging them and creating a sense of belonging. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Encourage members to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the group chat.
Organize fun activities or events for your group members to participate in.
Share interesting and relevant content that your group members will find valuable.
Be responsive and attentive to your group members’ needs and concerns.


In conclusion, building a strong community on GBWhatsApp is crucial for enhancing the user experience and fostering engagement among users. By following the steps outlined in this article and engaging your community, you can create a thriving community on GBWhatsApp.

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