GBWhatsApp Themes Free Download Best Collection 2023

GB WhatsApp provides different themes when you install the application, and you can also customize the other themes. Still, if you don’t like the app’s default library themes, then we provide you with the best GB WhatsApp themes for your GB application. Read out the article and get your favourite music for GB WhatsApp.

How to download GB themes from

Download and apply the theme from our websites. Follow these steps
Download the file on your Android device.
Open the GB WhatsApp, go to the menu section, and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the GB WhatsApp home screen.
After clicking on the settings, scroll down and select the “themes” option.
After clicking on the theme, tap on the “Local” tab.
Now collector theme file you download from our website, click the apply button to upload it.
After uploading him, that will automatically activate and change your GB WhatsApp theme.

GB WhatsApp Themes collection

There are different themes for GB WhatsApp, and the list is below.

Dark mode

This theme changes the colour schema of WhatsApp to the dark colour palette, which is more accessible and eye catchy and saves your battery life on the device. This is one of the famous and mainly used themes in GB WhatsApp.

Material design theme

This theme gives GB WhatsApp a minimalistic look inspired by Google material design and offers a matching look to GB WhatsApp.

Transparent theme

A theme that adds a splash of colour to GB WhatsApp’s interface by using bright, bold colours.

Classic theme

A theme that gives GB WhatsApp a retro look by using a colour scheme and design elements from older app versions.

GBWhatsApp themes XML Download

Cartoon GB WhatsApp Theme.
A cartoon GB WhatsApp theme is a theme that gives GB WhatsApp an interface that is inspired by cartoons or animated characters. Some cartoon themes include colourful graphics, cartoon characters, or playful fonts. You can find cartoon GB WhatsApp themes by searching on

Apple iPhone GBWhatsApp Theme

An Apple iPhone GB WhatsApp theme is a theme that gives GB WhatsApp an interface that is inspired by the design of Apple’s iPhone. This theme might include elements such as the iPhone’s iconic home screen, app icons, and control centre.

Age of Ultron GBWhatsApp Theme

This theme interface is inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The theme includes different character graphics from the movie Avatar. You can get the various ages of Ultron GB themes from

Love Calculator GBWhatsApp Theme

A Love Calculator GB WhatsApp theme is a theme that includes a feature that allows users to calculate their love compatibility with another person by entering their names. This theme is not commonly available for GB WhatsApp and may not be easy to find. You may have more luck finding a love calculator feature as a separate app or online tool rather than as a theme for GB WhatsApp.

Teddy Bear GBWhatsApp Theme

Sweet looking Girl Theme GB

Rose GBWhatsApp Theme

A Rose GB WhatsApp theme is a theme that includes images or graphics of roses or is otherwise inspired by the flower. You can find a Rose GB WhatsApp theme by searching online or by asking other GB WhatsApp users for recommendations.

GBWhatsApp Themes Football

There are different football themes for DP WhatsApp available, and you can use this theme if you like football. The list of football themes for GB WhatsApp per given below.

  • Barca Player GBWhatsApp Theme
  • Chelsea GBWhatsApp Theme
  • PSG GBWhatsApp Theme
  • Madrid Azul GBWhatsApp Theme
  • Milan GBWhatsApp theme
  • Agender Multi Color theme

WhatsApp GB Color Themes

Blue GBWhatsApp Theme
Orange Color GBWhatsApp Theme
Pokemon mix colour GB WhatsApp theme
Black GBWhatsApp Theme
Material Green GBWhatsApp Theme
Yellow GBWhatsApp Theme

Cys Blue GB Theme