Can’t Find A Backup In Sdcard GBWhatsapp

If you cannot locate a backup of your GBWhatsApp chats media files on your SD card, then read this article where we discuss how you can try to find the backup of your GB WhatsApp on your SD card. Read out the given steps.

There are different methods you can try and solve your problem, and the methods are given below.

Check the Location of GBWhatsApp

Typically your backup of GBWhatsApp is stored in the GB WhatsApp folder on your SD card, and all of your content is stored in this folder, but if you cannot find then check the location of the “GB WhatsApp backup” folder on your SD card and see the Stored data.

Check the backup settings in GBWhatsApp.

If you cannot find the location of the GB WhatsApp folder on your SD card, then go to the GB WhatsApp application to see e where the app is saving your backups files. To do this, you can open the GB WhatsApp and go to the settings, then “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat backup”, or if you find the whole application content, then go to the settings and then click on the manage storage under the storage tab and see you are all saved data.

Check if the backup was deleted.

If you cannot find the data, then more chance your data is being deleted. To recover your data, you can install any third party or check the recycle bin to recover and restore your data.

Move your backup files.

If you cannot access the GB WhatsApp in your SD card, move your backup files from the GB WhatsApp folder to Android/media/com.gbwhatsapp. This method works, and you can try the other methods that are not working for you.

If you are still trying to locate the backup after trying these steps, it is possible that the backup was not correctly created or saved to the location you expected. You may need to create a new backup or restore your chats and media files from a different source.


This article discusses different methods to solve backup when you can’t find it in an sd card. Read out the complete article and follow the given information we provide in this article. With the help of this, you can quickly solve your problem. If your problem not solve and you are still facing this issue, then you can comment below with your problem, and one of our team members can solve your problem.

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